What the heck is Brandon's Journal?
Brandon's Journal is a place that is both an archive and a homage to the websites of the 90's. It's a fun little place where I can be artistic, but also works as a way to preserve some of my writings and memories online.

Who are you?
My name is Brandon, I'm in my late 30's. I'm a huge fan of AEW, 90's sitcoms, video games, reading, and writing.

Why is this site so gawdy?
I tried to find a balance between being practical, easily readable, but still retaining that late 90's feeling. Some of the web design you'll find on here is quite outdated and that is by choice. I made my first website sometime around 1997-1998 with Geobuilder or Tripod Helper. After I did everything I could with those programs, I spent a day teaching myself basic HTML and start creating my own pages. As the mid 2000's occured, I stopped being creative and started relying on MySpace, Blogger, and Wordpress to host my writings. Over the years, I've tried out other blogging services, but ultimately, I've always been left unfulfilled. So, I started working on this site back in 2015 and then I got more serious in 2018. I never uploaded it anywhere until 2020, but as I grew more frustrated with Wordpress changes in 2021 and I craved a simpler, smaller web where I was in total control, I decided to lean into this simple little site.

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